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The Chile Ice and Inline Hockey Federation  was founded and it joined the IIHF in 2000. It was the third South American nation to join the IIHF. 

The team formed by Monica Arias (President of the Federation) made it's debut in international ice hockey competition at the 2017 Pan American Tournament which was held in Mexico City, Mexico from the  5th through the 11th of June 2017. The first game on 5 June 2017, was a loss to Argentina "A" 26–0. The second game came against the would-be champions of the tournament, Mexico "A", losing 17–0. The third game created a number of milestones for the Chilean squad. Registering their first win. The first goal and eventual game-winner was scored by the Chilean captain, Carlos Valdebenito Jr., who scored 3 goals & adding 2 assists totaling 5 points in the 6–0 victory over Brazil "B". Chilean goalkeeper, Leonidas Aceitón, recorded the shutout. Unfortunately, the team suffered several injuries in the first three games of the tournament and having travelled with only 8 skaters and 1 goalie, Chile was given permission by the tournament organizers to use players from other countries. Players from Mexico & Brazil joined the squad in the 4th game onwards. The fourth game was a hard-fought 4–3 victory over Argentina "B". The fifth game turned in a 6–0 loss to Colombia (A). The sixth and final game was played on June 11, losing 9–0 to Brazil "A". The team finished 7th place with a record of 2–4. 

La Roja En Hielo (The Red On Ice)

2017 Pan American Tournament 
2019 LATAM Cup 

On the 6th of September 2019, Chile competed in the LATAM Cup, sanctioned by the AmeriGol-Miami International Hockey Association, in Coral Springs, Florida, United States. This marks the second tournament appearance (First LATAM Cup) for the Chilean squad. The team showed up with a roster of 21 & competing in Division 1. Tournament record stands 0–3. They were defeated 8–4 by Venezuela. Two games were played on September 7th. First a 12–2 loss to Mexico followed by an 11–2 Quarterfinal defeat to Colombia. An unofficial game against Brazil was played on 8 September. Jamaica took home the title defeating Colombia in a shootout. Chile finished tied with for 6th place 

(Banner given to Argentina for the inaugural game)
Monica Arias.jpg
                               Monica Arias
(President Of Chilean Ice and Inline Hockey Federation)
Monica behind the bench at the LATAM Cup
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